Websites: Technology and Optimizarion


Websites: Technology and Optimization



We design, develop, optimize and operate websites and the technologies behind.
Since 2011 we specialize in the field of the technical development and optimization of websites, webshops and platforms.



The unicorn, that rides rockets



What makes us unique ? The message - maybe. The art work - we are learning everyday. Before all the technical realization. Websites with "Pagespeed"-results above 90% are rare. And if they should be, we know how. This is why we are pleased to work together on existing websites with customers from all around the world as well as with other agencies. Together unbeatable.

In 2003 we started the development of a browser in Java. The biggest challenge at the time was already the compatibility. Since then the complexity increased exponentially. The continous upcoming of new terminal devices, new formats, new browsers, new programming languages and new linguistic elements are reasons behind this dramatic growth.

Image source: Archive Netlaxy, brow*Zzza V1.0, Project weilsoft, 2003 - 2008



The treasure of our experience



Our experiences are manifold since:
From pioneering work on our own platforms, e.g. for a distributed shop-system with virtual currence, a platform for detection of changes on webpages.

Over the extension of WordPress to a foto-platform, a search-engine for visual contents in social networks, a distributed ledger system for blockchains, a local shop-search-engine and an HR-platform with social network, a social documentary-/news-publishing-platform. Our WordPress-extensions comprise meanwhile several plugins and themes.

We also do customization for Shopware, Magento, plentyMarkets and OS-Commerce as well.

Up to revitalisation strategies of more historical versions of shop-systems as for example OS-Commerce 1.9. In a shop with more than a thousand products and a number of customers in the five digits range.



Technologies to take off



Our technologies comprise on the frontend side HTML, CSS and Javascript. We base on AJAX for the data exchanges by XML or JSON over SOAP or REST. We use different toolkits as Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery or AMP. But we favor working without toolkits whenever possible. We design the sourcecode to specifically fit the requirements of your website : optimized, “headless” - bare of any overhead, to avoid roundtrips and with as little external file accesses as possible.

On the server side we program in PHP and Java. Our frameworks are standard shop-systems as Magento or Shopware. And CMS-systems as WordPress or Joomla. In some cases we use also our own frameworks. As e.g. NTK - the dynamically configurable Nolimitzzz Toolkit developped by ourselves. Or we extend the functionalities of existing frameworks with some plugins and themes.

Image source:, NTK Nolimitzzz Toolkite, 2016



Optimization from the ground up



The challenge for the optimisation of websites is the search engine related optimization ( SEO ) on one side, and on the other before all the optimization of the loading time ( Pagespeed ). The first one is intended to secure that your page will be found. While the later one provides the visitors on your page will be served promptly, as fast as possible. The decision point is how fast the page can be loaded, so the visitors can reach your offerings instantly. And hopefully and securely become your hopeful customers.



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