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Listing Filter Open

Listing Filter Open



In the standard themes on the (category-product-) listing pages, the filter is collapsed on page load.




Display the filter open for faster decision by presentation of options at first sight.



The Plugin

Title Listing Filter Open

Technical Name NLXYListingFilterOpen

Available in the Shopware-Community-Store goto Shop┬╗




The filter guides through the possible choices of categories, manufacturers or characteristics, for which the shop has products to offer. This way, the user directly has an overview and can consciously decide if he likes to navigate the page or if he prefers to use a filter, to find what he is interested in within the current offering.

This plugin optimizes the presentation of the filters on the (category-product-) listing-pages:

  • The filter appears expanded. This way a user sees directly what filtering options are available.



  • Load the plugin in the shopware backend with the plugin manager from the Shopware-Community-Store.
  • Activate the plugin.




This plugin doesn't have options.




Coming soon.



Compare yourself: The demo-shop with the original settings and with activated Plugin "Listing Filter Open"