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Scroll Smoothly

Scroll Smoothly



When scrolling on PC with the mousewheel, the scrolling is often not smoothly flowing up or down the screen.




Optimize the scrolling behavior for PCs.



The Plugin

Title Scroll Smoothly

Technical Name NLXYScrollSmoothly

Available in the Shopware-Community-Store goto Shop┬╗




This plugin optimizes the scrolling on the frontend and home pages for PC:

  • "Scrolling" is one key elements of the user experience, as it is a direct reaction to user input .
  • With this plugin it will be "smoothly", so more fluent and harmonized - in a way it feels softer and visually more friendly.



  • In the shopware backend, load the plugin from the plugin manager from the Shopware-Community-Store.
  • Activate the plugin.



This plugin doesnt have options.




Coming soon.






The algorithm influences the scroll behavior and makes it feel like "floating" over the screen to a certain degree. The result may differ from browser to browser.


Compare yourself: The demo-shop with the original settings and with activated Plugin "Scroll Smoothly"