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Menu Solid

Menu Solid



The "Advanced Menu" has a relatively "heavy" style, and disappears on long pages, so that depending on the current position, one has to scroll quiet a painfull bit before seeing it again.




A fixed menu and a "Back-To-Top"-button shall make sure that a user understands where he currently is, in modern shops with long pages.



The Plugin

Title Menu Solid

Technical Name NLXYMenuSolid

Available in the Shopware-Community-Store goto Shop»




In shops with many products a page quickly appears endlessly long. The worst thing to happen to user is to feel disoriented and lost in your offerings. So this plugin provides the means of basic orientation.

This plugin optimizes the appearance of the extended menu:

  • The menu is reduced in size and clamped to the top screen edge when scrolling, so it remains at sight of the user.
  • The logo appears on the right side of the fixed menu.
  • The design of the menu feels enlightened, as the fat grey bar and the grey background of the active menu has been changed.
  • The animation of the menu-entries, the slight translation to the right is replaced by a more elegant and continous scaling transformation of the menu entries.
  • Also a "Back-To-Top"-button is inserted on the bottom of the screen.



  • Load the plugin in the shopware backend with the plugin manager from the Shopware-Community-Store.
  • Activate the plugin.




This plugin doesn't have options.




Coming soon.






Compare yourself: The demo-shop with the original settings and with activated Plugin "Menu Solid"