• A "tightrope" act holds certain kind of challenge. A website and a shop do as well. Sometimes one feels loosing ground under the feet and wishes some good advice, a powerfull support or a fast recovery of normal operations.

    Our consulting is meant for you, if you already have a website: how happy are you with it ? Does it do everything it can or should be doing, does it get found and loads quickly ? The reality-check.

    Or for you, if you don't have any: How do you go "live" and what does it mean to you and your company ? The roadmap-builder.

    If you would like to have our opinion on these issues, we would be pleased very much and will advise you to the best of our knowledge.

    The relevant areas we like to highlight are the following: Strategy, Engineering, Design and Commerce.

Strategy - defines success

  • You have an aim. We find a way. Technically, commercially, or both. In details and in the big picture. For you to reach your aim securely.

    At the end of the day the success of a company always measures in numbers. If your aim is better numbers, there are two fundamental options at hand: sell more or spend less.

    The first option is our consulting-favorite. Consulting is just our external contribution to this.

    But the internal execution is the cure. For that we offer our help as well. The way there is what we would like to lay out for you.

  • Sell more means a departure towards new grounds: new customers, new products, new markets, new processes, new distribution channels, new partnerships or new alliances.

    Every departure starts at one point. In the digital world, where we are at home, the departure point is your digital representation in the web – your website.

    For your website to support your departure in the best possible way, it should be equipped to do so. It must function like your marketing and your sales: a visitor should get interested, convinced and motivated to purchase. And it should be capable of “Selling more” by directly offering products for sale, or as informations- and contact-platform, to establish directly a contact between the customer and yourselves. In the digital world, there is more to it. Specifically the interconnection of your website and its findability in search-engines and social networks are factors, that can prove growth catalysts or path-warrants.

    Interest, convince and motivate to purchase: the decisive pathway of any digital departure.

    We will be pleased to show you the possibilities and to establish a schedule with yourselves and your team to reach your aim. One station on this schedule could be a encompassing concept for your web-presence. We would be pleased to create it for you. And we also will implement it for you, so the preconditions for your successful departure in the web are all set. And beyond.

Engineering - finds ways, creates solutions

  • All processes, on any location, in all formats, on all platforms, on all terminal devices, for any challenge.

    To us, engineering means to use technology to bring to life your ideas. Fully pragmatically. Finding ways to create a solution, to do exactly what you want – and not only looking good at it – so you securely reach your aim.

    This process starts with the requirement analysis. We evaluate what it is exactly what you are thinking of, what makes out your idea, what you care for and about and question the areas, that some times are not so easy to think of clearly.

    Based on this analysis we will establish a requirement catalogue. For there we will chose the platform that according to our current understanding promises to fit the best way.

    And then we start with the modelling and implementation. And finally validation, optimisation and test.

    For this, we base on newest web-technologies, especially Javascript and jQuery on the client side, PHP, Java and MySQL on the server side. For the platforms we are using for example the Content-Management-System WordPress or shop-systems as Magento, OSCommerce or plentyMarkets.

    And if something doesn't fit, we modify so it does or we develop the missing components specifically for you.

Design - turns you on

  • Design, build and execute. For you or together. Always oriented towards the target-group and focussed on results, in words and images. Communication for interaction.

    A picture tells more than a thousand words. You see it. Because it intrigues you, allows identification and wakes up associations. Because it emerges from the sea of the usual and invites you on a journey. Because it is fun to contemplate. Because with a touch of provocative attitude, it explodes its frame and you can follow it falling out, flying towards you and magically transforming your mind. Because it is esthetic, elegant, structured, dynamic, natural, minimalistic, balanced… Because it underlines it message and doesn't steal the show of it.

    Websites today are also very visual, visually styled on and on. Like imageos they must directly talk to the visitor, so she rewards it with her attention and enters in interaction with it. The visitor must be put in position to quickly understand, what the website offers. Decisions are taken in seconds, or faster. As in a picture the main motif is set to the center plan. The structure of the website serves to make detailled information available easily so it gets recognized. The design empowers the website with the strength to carry the message to the visitior.

    We like to set apart for you, how design can be best employed to serve your message, how your message can be reinforced for even more reach. What scenes, perspectives, forms, colors, motifs, lights, athmospehres and fonts perfectly fit to make it stand out, aim-minded and efficient.

Commerce - the aim

  • Sell ! Any time, anywhere and hence, personally, individually, adapted to every single customer and every product. Conviction by presentation, information and motivation. Classic to modern.

    We create components and systems with the aim to raise your chances to sell your services and products. No matter if portals, online-shops, websites or micro-pages (widgets), mailings, blogs or social-feeds: decisive is always and ever the question if you manage to turn a visitor into a customer.

    To achieve this, one proven track it is to offer value-adds. A value-add can be information. Or customer-experience. Or the richesse of the offering. Or a community. Or a special promotion. Or a convenient and performant buying process. For all of these possibilities we can create the precondition, so that you will be “selling”. For you.

    One mandatory step in direction of the aim is the simplification of the selection and sales processes, in a way that an interested visitor rapidly comes to her goal and you to yours in the same way.