Projects: customer specific developments

  • You want to stand out, to differentiate yourself from the crowd. You want to be seen, so that noone can pass by without admiration and astonishment. To achive that, we have designed and implemented fundamental developments and optimizations in various projects we can now base on.

Thomas Rathay

  • One example is the website for Thomas Rathay Fotodesign. The photographer Thomas Rathay presents some of his works with galleries up to 200 images and more.

    Therefore we designed and implemented scrolling-position-dependant lazy-loading, as well as our own algorithms for image-size-selection and image-compression. One more turning point of this project was the menu navigation, the integration of social networks or the user-generated lists of pictures to be output in one pdf-file.

    Customer specific developments and optimization: The menu control allows a navigation across 4 menu levels. Each of the layers may grow over time with the addition of portfolios or galleries. The integration into social networks is implemented at the page level and at the level of every single image. So the visitor can directly share every single image out of every single gallery. And she can select the images one by one to add them into a downloadable image-collection or -list, in form of a pdf-file. Via a link in the pdf-file she can directly access the webpage holding the image. In this way, selection processes are supported in a focussed and pragmatic manner to enable image selections in distributed decision teams.

Erlesene Kartoffeln

  • Another similar example is the e-commerce-platform of the company Tartuffli Naturwaren e.K., that operates their webshop since 2005 and whom asked us to perform the maintenance, modernisation and further developments of their online shop back in 2011. Even though the software is based on an OS-Commerce-kernel we optimized the landing page of this shop for pagespeed, achieving Pagespeed-results up to 96% for mobile devices.

    Customer specific developments and optimization: We re-constructed the whole frontend. Especially to generate the repeating elements on each page in one central builder. We introduced page-cacheing to speed up the provisioning of the pages. The ordering process was entirely rebuilt as well, so that it today is dynamic and no longer requires page changes.

    The backend of the shop was another big re-construction. First we complemented it with several process-related functionalities : stock-management, stock-alerts, document-printing and -formatting. Then we kept on extending it into a full-fledged CMS, so we can now easily manage media-files and beside products and suppliers also partners and regions, in form of standard content-elements. In a further step, we extended it into an entirely independent backend platform. This new backend platform provides the data-maintenance of the standard OS-Commerce data-tables, but creates new access mechanism in the same time for related data. More than that it enables the maintenance of all data extensions added over the years. Because of its very flexible architecture we can adapt this backend to any databases and -tables very quickly. This could be a consistent and systematic approach for renewal, maintenance or migration of other shop systems, specifically those that are based on OS-Commerce, but others as well.


  • commaufdenpunkt is a PR-consulting company owned by Silke Rommel in Stuttgart. The website is implemented in WordPress.

    Customer specific developments and optimization: Many small details, as for example the animated point in the menu or the lighter design of the page is what introduced to the website.

Professional School for Industrial Electronics

  • We established the concept and redesigned the website of the Professional School for Industrial Electronics, and implemented it in WordPress.

    Customer specific developments and optimization: From the logo with the Foucault-Pendel-Tower through the WordPress theme to the efficient integration of videos and galleries, we implemented this site from the ground up.


  • The service-provider-platform developped within our project Fotolaxy has been pushed into its next generation and tested with H4Software on provides WordPress-Hosting-Services based on this platform.

    Customer specific developments and optimization: The design was conceived and realised including the theme and all specifically required plug-ins by ourselves. For the shop, WooCommerce is on duty with a shop logic we adapted to the specific service-packs of the offering. This enables a composition of the service-packs with features as the number of pages, number of images, the size of storage space, down to a complete shop solution. Another challenge was the multi-language requirement for the shop. This internationalisation was realized with our pluging “Netlaxy International”, not only translating the plugin default texts, but providing translations for every post and every page, down to the menu.