• Start with a deep exchange of thoughts
  • Formalized in specs or on the fly
  • Are down to the teams on all sides united in the one goal
  • For success in creating a win-win-win
  • For your customers, you and us

Ready to rock...

  • Get in touch here or drop us a mail
  • Cold calls and wild ideas welcome
  • We are here to help you get the job done smarter
  • To ultimately outperform your expectations
  • And bring some great ideas to life


  • Download-Shop (Shopware)
  • Online shop (Shopware)
  • Migration toolkit (OSCommerce, Shopware)
  • Photographer's website (WordPress)
  • Private blockchain demo (WordPress)
  • Progressive webapp (WordPress)
  • Consultant website (WordPress)
  • Social local shop search-app (WordPress)
  • Human resources website (WordPress)
  • Machine learning demo website (Javascript)
  • Psycho-questionaries website (WordPress)
  • Social publishing website (WordPress)
  • Gif shop website (WordPress)
  • Video app website (WordPress)
  • New db-optional, optimized web-builder (ntk)
  • Plugins and Themes for WordPress, Shopware
  • Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS: any of these

About us...

  • We are big but we are small
  • We are reasonable but wild at mind
  • We are classics but innovators
  • We solve challenges. Best we can. Always