Our core competencies

  • We may advise you in the strategy for your success in the digital market. We may conceive, design, develop, program and maintain your web presence in your web pages, your mailings and your widgets.

    On the web or in social networks. From components and individual pages up to complete corporate presentations, catalogs and online shops.

    Design and conception are performed in a creative and purpose-driven process resulting in a target group-oriented implementation, under full respect of your requirements and wishes. To ensure that your (company) identity appears in the best light on the web and your arguments are represented accurately. If you want something new, we love to surprise you.

Who we are

  • Netlaxy is an entrepreneurial company (UG limited liability) today. My name is Sven Weil. I am Netlaxy's protagonist. The "we" is in the making.

Our story

  • Since 1984 we program computers. Since 2003 browsers, since 2005 websites, since 2009 widgets and since 2010 we program entire shops and platforms.

    We count the following branches as our professional homegrounds: Automation technology, Electronics, Energy transmission and distribution, Mobile, IT-Security, Software, E-Commerce, E-Games.

    Our challenges were in engineering, sales, marketing and management.

    Our customers range from start-ups to world market leaders. Our expertise in customer-relationship-management are local and international, at all hierarchy levels.

Our tools

  • Our repertoire includes many of today's popular and cutting-edge technologies, focusing on PHP, Java, Javascript, SQL and MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation and AMP, the content management system WordPress, Joomla and NTK as well as shop systems such as Shopware, Magento, OS-Commerce or plentyMarkets.

What you can expect

  • "We" are a rather small team. And can be addressed as such. Pretty much down to earth.
    We like to turn everything topsy-turvy. Until we have the solution we are looking for.

    If required, we look for partners. There, where we need them. They are then specialists in their respective disciplines and strengthen us for some challenge.

    Sometimes we getbigger than we are already. And we constantly grow beyond ourselves.

    "Commitment is commitment". What we say is valid. We do it. Always. Self-explanatory. Whatever we need to accomplish it, we make it move.

    We value open words and honest criticism. If we have an opinion, we speak it out. Silence is rare.

    We are innovative and inventive. And we dedicate our time to the technical and creative (re-)invention, design and creation.

    Higher, further, faster, more, better - sure, but with caution and circumspection, elegance, style, honesty, respect and ...

    Clear objectives. Always in the eyes. Until we achieve them and then together watch out for the next.

    And then "a little joy, fun and passion – bavarian style !"